Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout

Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout

Get a tight, toned and elegant body with this effective ballet inspired total body workout from Mary Helen Bowers, trainer to the stars! Sculpt sleek and strong legs, arms, butt, abs and upper body. Shape a lean and graceful dancer s body with targeted mat work and standing exercises that lengthen and tone. Workouts include focused exercises that target trouble areas while increasing flexibility and improving posture.

Bridge Series: A challenging series of bridge exercises that sculpt and tone the muscles
on the inside and back of the legs, butt, inner thighs, hips and abs.

Abs: A targeted abdominal workout that strengthens your center of balance and sculpts a
lean waist.

Inner Thigh: Focused exercises that strengthen and tone the inner thighs, key to sculpting
a ballerina’s long, powerful legs.

Outer Thigh: A transformative workout for the outside of the hip and thigh. These exercises
tighten and tone the outer hip, lengthening the line of the legs.

Arms: Upper body and arm exercises that quickly sculpt and tone the arms, shoulders
and back and improve posture without any weights or equipment!

Standing: Dance inspired standing exercises with cardio elements.Ever wonder how those dancers get and keep such long, lean, taut physiques? Now you too can learn some killer moves to get you in shape like prima ballerinas. Mary Helen Bowers’s Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout will work your buns, abs, legs, and arms–and throw in some fantastic cardio to help burn calories and balance moves to build your grace. Bowers is the famous trainer who worked with Natalie Portman on Black Swan, as well as with lots of other celebrities. And it’s easy to see why: these moves can work for beginners (though trust me, you will feel the burn) as well as advanced fitness buffs wanting to kick things up a notch. The abs and arms portions of Total Body Workout, especially, are designed to show results fairly quickly. And don’t be surprised if you find your balance and posture improving too. Total Body Workout will give you dancerlike sleekness and grace, no toe shoes required. —A.T. Hurley

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