Confessions: At 12 years old

I am male 40 years old, it all started when I was around 12 and had to go into hospital to be circumcised. Following the operation, besides being very painful the penis needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid infection, My mom did this, and it gradually became more than just medical care. We had always been quite open as a family, and nudity was in a lot of cases taken for granted. At 12 years old both me and my sister used to bathe and shower together (sister 2 years older) Mother encouraged sexual touching by my sister on the pretence that she was helping her to fix my dressing, this developed into full sexual contact between my sis an myself, and still continues today although we are both happily married. For several years now I have thought that this should end, but always come to the conclusion that I only think this to conform!!! All my experiences I consider have been fulfilling and I regret none of them.

I would be happy to share some of them with someone who…possibly? …feels the same way, or has a genuine interest.

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