Ass Licking Gay Experience

I’m not gay and have never been really attracted to men. I like women; I love asses and hips and waists and breasts make me hard as a rock. Whenever I jackoff to porn it’s always women and especially natural hairy women. I like the smell of women and I like eating pussy and fucking women.

So now that I’ve made that clear I can continue my story. The story of my first gay experience with ass licking and mutual wanking…

I was on vacation in New York City in July with my friend Tom who has been one of my best friends since college. We used to play in a band together, he was the drummer and I was the guitar player. We had lots of groupies and casual sex was something we both shared in common. I actually had my first threesome with Tom with one of his girlfriends. Even then I wasn’t really attracted to him sexually and enjoyed fucking his girlfriend and watching her suck his cock while I humped her screaming into the pillows.

Tom sucked my cock that night but that was it, he came inside his girlfriend and she sucked me off and I came in her mouth.

After the band broke up we moved to different cities and life kind of took us each in different directions.Tom to

One thing we always did though was get together every couple of years to party and bird-dog chicks and go to the strip-clubs to watch the girls and get a lap dance or blow-job.

When we met in New York City we shared a deluxe hotel room and once we finished unpacking we popped open a bottle of wine to get loose in preparation for a night on the town. We were going to head out for dinner and then to a club and then see the strippers.

We had a blast as usual, lots of good food and started doing shots and we were both getting horny at the strip club. I like watching the big-assed girls with big tits and Tom likes the thin girls with a nice thigh-gap. One thing we both agree on is that we are into girls! Tom was getting all frothy over this redhead dancer and he went to the back room for a lap dance. I drank another rum and pepsi and watched a twosome act out some alien sex fiend dance moves, not my cup of tea but I was buzzed so it all was delectable nonetheless.

When Tom came out from the lapdance he looked like the cat who had just eaten a fat mouse. He had a big smile on his face and I figured he must have had a good $100 blowjob or something. He whispered that he had scored some cocaine and asked if I wanted to beat it back to the hotel to party. I said sure, hadn’t done any cocaine in years and always liked it when we were jamming in the band and partying all night.

Back at the hotel we hit the mini-bar and spread out a few lines.

I’m not one to condone drugs but when I took a hit of the white line Tom laid out for me I was hit with the euphoric buzz that I remembered.

Bang! It felt so good!

The blood rushed to my head and Tom took his lines and we were both getting into the euphoric explosion of heightened senses.

We listed to some music, drank some beers and kept doing lines every once and a while. I’m not sure when it started but at one point he asked if I wanted to watch some porn. I am not one to say no to porn and said yes and he plugged his laptop into the hotel big screen TV and logged on to his favorite porn website.

We sat on the couch and started watching some lesbians in hi-definition. Oh shit that was making me horny!

I asked Tom if he minded if I jerked off while we watched because my cock was super hard and my brain was racing with lust and I needed to stroke my cock. The cocaine and porn turned me into a frenzied horndog!

Tom said it was fine as long as he could do the same! Ha ha!

So there we were with our pants off sitting on the couch watching porn when suddenly he reached over and grabbed my cock. At first I was shocked but damn it felt good to have someones hot hands and fingers on my cock so I just let it happen. The scene on the screen was getting hot and I had to grab Tom’s cock and started to feel his blood pounding and his cock throbbing! Damn this was feeling good. It wasn’t a gay thing it was just pure raw sex. We both had a hot lust and full hard-ons and wanted to enjoy the moment.

The lesbians on the screen were eating each other out and it felt natural for me to mimic the two girls and start sucking Tom’s cock. It felt so good in that moment. He leaned back and I sucked him for a while then¬† he pushed me back and sucked me. All the while we were watching the porn out of the corner of our eyes, sometimes getting into the same position as the lesbians on screen.

Tom pushed me on the floor and pushed my legs back and started licking my ass. It felt so good and I like when girls lick my ass so it wasn’t something new but it just felt great and I didn’t feel any shame or dirtiness about it. Tom’s tongue licked my ass and it felt so good I had to do the same for him.

We did a 69 and stroked and sucked and kept the porn and cocaine rolling. The licking was the best\ and I never thought I would enjoy it so much. We ended up getting too messed up to continue and had to hit the bed as we were getting to buzzed to keep it up. The next afternoon when we woke up we were both hungover but had a beer and cleaned up the hotel room.

Nothing had changed between us except that we knew that we both had enjoyed our ass licking and cock sucking and we wanted to make sure we would do it again.

I had a great weekend with Tom and we didn’t do anything else the next few nights but we might try to knock down the walls and get sexxed up again in the future.

We both still dig chicks but that was one time when sex just felt good and sharing it with a friend who understands that it’s not gay it’s just sex for the sake of sex makes it the best!