Confessions: As I entered puberty

As I entered puberty my mother would take showers and discover she didn’t have a bath towel. So she’d yell for me to bring her one.

I’d go to her door, announce myself, she’d open the door and stand back far enough that I had to reach out to her with the towel. Every time I did this she would drop whatever she had been clutching to hide her nakedness and stand there totally nude, both of us staring at the other.

It happened so often I called it the game.

As I grew older I interpreted it (correctly) that she was beckoning me to have sexual intercourse with her.

In those days (1950s) being called a motherfucker was the worst insult imaginable. What my mother did made me view myself as a potential or wannabe motherfucker.

I moved away from home when I turned eighteen. At twenty dad died and I returned home for awhile to comfort Mom. Less than a week after returning home I was laying in bed late one night half asleep. Mom gently pushed my bedroom door open.

I lay there in the dimly lit room while she tip-toed around my bed and sat on the bed. There was some hesitation.

I saw her make small furtive movements and then felt her hand gently grasp my penis. Within moments the pressure increased and she grasped my penis firmly. She then masturbated me.

As soon as she left my room and closed the door I reached around behind me and turned on the light attached to the headboard.

I had been fully awake (to put it mildly) during the entire incident.

I remember telling myself to remember in vivid detail what had just happened because I suspected that a part of me would try to make it go away.

I moved out of mom’s house the next morning and returned to nurse her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. Mom died September 4, 1994.

I assume you’re collecting these stories to excite yourself. You probably read these and masturbate.

I am presently involved in starting a new company called, well, never mind. Anyhow, the products are incest-fantasy-oriented. There is a tremendous market for this kind of thing but common decency dictates that the difference be made clear between fantasy and reality. One is harmless, the other is devastating!

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