Confessions: As I approached puberty

Having established a sexual relationship with my mother – I had a free hand to touch my other brothers and sisters – I always wore my old pajama bottoms – never a top, when the late evening, all day Sunday if not working on the farm.

I’d have walked around naked if I thought I could get away with it. Sometimes as we watched telly in the dark, one of my young sisters would sit on my knee or lap.

I would touch her cunt slit – mom knew I was doing it and in bed she told me it turned her on a great deal. Saturday night is grand bath night – Mum would bath the girls and then rush them into the warmer living room – one evening I offered to dry my whilst mom had a break. Mum looked at me – she knew what I was up to and she sat down to watch me. My sister was approaching puberty and her breasts were a little more than puppy fat.

I quickly dried her top half and then dried her feet, calves, inner and outer thighs – inner thighs again. When I was drying her hairless cunt region I had the towel edge so my fingers could brush her cunt slit – I LINGERED on drying her cunt – at times I PARTED the slit – and go deeper and deeper into her as all eyes were now watching me – my brothers and sisters were all eyes. My sister wasn’t complaining at my touching her so intimately – All my brothers were sporting erections – my erection was plain for everybody to see. My sister was kept home the following Monday – Both mom and me had sex with her – at first she was too nervous to play – but after five minutes of my tonguing her citreous she was just as keen then to masturbate herself and me. When I licked her cunt, she pissed herself in my face – not that this bothered me – I’d been drinking my own urine since the age of 12.

I last fucked my mom and my three sisters when I was on army leave aged 20, I was discharged from the army for being a sexual psychopath – or being gay – the army use extreme words.

I had an accident and broke my neck in 1975 – I have lots of sexual memories to think about, and I have had sexual relationships since my accident.

I feel no guilt about my sexually activities – I’ve never forced anybody to have sex with me, nor would I because I wouldn’t enjoy sex if my sex partner wasn’t enjoying it with me.

I suppose I am a sexual deviant as I’ve done most sexual acts – including Bondage – SM – WATERSPORTS – SCAT – EXHIBITIONIST – Been gang banged willingly – taken part in gang bangs with both sexes the person being gang banged was willing – Spanking – and most other things you care to name.

I am lucky enough to sex be having sex with both sexes – I can’t fuck or produce ejaculated sperm they back flows into my bladder but I enjoy oral sex a lot.

I don’t know whether you wish to correspond regularly – If you do – just let me know.

If not, fair enough, just remove the header from your print outs from me so that I cannot be identified if anybody else besides you reads my e-mails to you.

If you have other sexual interests you would like to hear about and if I’ve experience of it I’d be happy to reveal it to you. Take care – happy wanking.

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