Confessions: All us girls are bisexual

Hi, yes I have I’ve been with my mom, dad, brother, and both of my sisters. Since I don’t live with mom and dad anymore they are pretty much out of the picture, but I live with one of my sisters and our brother lives close by. We all spend a lot of time together if you know what I mean. All us girls are bisexual because of this and we love it.

I am the middle of 3 girls. My older sister started having sex when she was 12.

I started with her at 10.

I was 12 before I did anything with my brother or father. Same with the others.

I guess 12 was the decided age.

Anyway, the experiences we have all shared has brought us all close together. No regrets here. We’re all glad we did it.

I hope this helps you my friend.

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