Aile Fulfills My Fantasy-Plus 2

I woke up, looked at the clock, it was 11:00 AM, and I could hear Aile screaming her head off as Aaden was fucking the shit out of her. I opened my labtop and watched as Aaden had Aile doggy-style, spanking her ass, while he ripped her ass apart with his huge cock. She was screaming, it’s too big, it’s too big, but it was apparent Aaden didn’t give a damn, he was bound and determined to drive his monster cock balls deep. He yelled at her, TAKE IT WHORE, TAKE ALL YOUR DADDY’S BLACK SNAKE UP THAT ASS. He grabbed a bottle of lube that was beside him, withdrew from her ass, and re-lubed his snake and her ass. He spread her ass cheeks wide and reinserted her cock head in her ass, wasted no time, he started driving his dick in and out as she screamed, AAAAAAAAAAH, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG. The phone rang, I quickly answered and told Aile’s parents to keep the kids longer at their house, I would be by later to pick them. I thought close call, I didn’t want to anybody walking in on Aile as Aaden had his black monster cock up her ass.

Aaden fucked Aile all day in our marital bed in every position imaginable. Later that day as I took some videos he fucked all over the house, kitchen table, kitchen counter tops, he even knelt her down on the stairway and alternated fucking her between her pussy and ass. As he had his cock up her ass driving in and out with force as she moaned, he said out loud, WHO’S YOUR DADDY SLUT, as he slapped her ass, SLAP, SLAP, she continued moaning out loud OOOOOH, OOOOH. Aaden asked again, COME YOU LITTLE WHORE SAY IT WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Aile finally answered in trembling voice as Aaden powerfully ravaged her ass, OOOOOH, UUUUUUR MYYY DADDDY, Aaden responded out loud, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, YOU’RE MY WHITE WHORE FROM NOW ON, GOT THAT BITCH! Aile responded in low moaning voice, yeeees, daadddy, ooooooh fuuuck meee haaard, fuuuck meee haaard daadddy.

The fucking session went on for another two hours, I walked into the bedroom as Aaden had Aile’s long legs up in the air as he plowed deep in her pussy hard, his huge balls were slapping against her ass. Aile couldn’t stop coming, she was having orgasm after orgasm, his cock was covered with Aile’s juices, it was dripping wet. Aaden turned her over on her side and raised her leg and plowed back deep into her pussy. Aaden had purposely positioned my wife facing me so I could see the lust and delight on her face as she screamed. I put fingers through her hair asking her, you like the black cock, she kept on moaning and screaming. Aaden yelled out, ANSWER YOUR HUSBAND SLUT, COME ON WHORE, WE WANT HEAR THAT ANSWER LOUD! She said moaning in a low voice, yeees, OUT LOUD, Aiden replied, SAY IT SLUT, TELL YOUR HUSBAND HOW MUCH YOU LIKE BLACK DICK DRILLING YOUR PUSSY. She blurted out, OOOOH YEEES, YEEES, I LUUUVV BLAAAACK CUUUCK. I said, DO YOU WANT MORE BLACK COCK, DO YOU WANT AADEN TO KEEP FUCKING YOU? She replied, OOOOH, YEEES, YEEES, AADEN CAAAAN FUUUUCK MEEEE AAAANYTIIIME HEEE WAAAANTS. I knew finally, I was going to see my wife take lots of black cock from now on with not protests from her, she was hooked on big black cocks.

Aaden again started drilling her ass when the doorbell rang, Aaden said, it’s a buddy of mine, bring him over here. I went to the door, it was a very tall black muscular guy, his name was Charles. I took him to the bedroom where he proceeded to quickly strip and out popped a real rigged hard cock that looked like it was a little bit bigger than Aaden’s. I thought these guys pack some monstrous cocks, damn, I was seven inches fully erect, no comparison. Aaden withdrew and Charles took his place, if Aile was going to protest, she never got the chance, in three strokes, Charles was immediately balls deep in her pussy and was started to plow in hard. All that was heard, was Aile saying and moaning in a low voice, iiit’s biiig, ooooh biiiig, Charles kept plowing in her pussy hard. Aile again started having orgasms one after another she couldn’t stop, Charles cock was fully covered in Aile’s juices. With every downward stroke, Charles was bottoming out her pussy. Aile wrapped her long legs around Charles, she began using them as anchors, as she started lunging her pussy upwards to meet his full downward thrusts, she wanted as much black cock in her as she could get. These guys were turning my little conservative Aile into a hot fucking machine, she was going crazy lunging her pussy upwards, she was screaming out loud, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME BLACK DADDY, FUCK THIS MARRIED WHITE WHORE. After about another ten minutes Charles tensed up and started dumping wad after wad deep in my wife’s pussy, Charles and was a heavier comer that Aaden, he dumped so much cum it was now started to flow out of my wife’s pussy. He laid on top of her for a while until he had no more cum to dump. Aile was still slowly moving her hips up to get as much cock in her pussy as she could.

Aaden said he was going to leave, but before he left he put Aile on her knees and got a powerful blow job. He Grabbed Aile by the back of her had with both hands and forced her mouth hard against his huge cock until Aile as gagging but he didn’t care. Aaden grabbed her head very still and he slowly started driving his huge cock in Aile’s mouth. As she started gagging, he said out loud, THAT’S IT WHORE TAKE ALL YOUR DADDY’S COCK DOWN THAT THROAT. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my once conservative wife that would not give me a blow job, now had a Jamaican black man’s huge cock all the way down her throat balls deep. Aaden looked at me, and said in boisterous voice, YOU SEE HOW MUCH A WHORE YOUR WOMEN IS, he then proceeded to drive his huge cock in and out her mouth, he took his dick out of her mouth and said, COME ON WHITE SLUT LICK AND KISS MY BALLS, SUCK ON THEM, SHOW YOUR HUBBY WHAT A WHORE YOU REALLY ARE. Alie was sucking Aaden’s balls when Charles came over with his wet cock and said, LICK ME CLEAN SLUT, she started alternating sucking and licking on both of their cocks and balls. Aaden took over and started fucking her mouth hard, Aile was no longer gagging, he had her mouth wide open as he fucked her mouth, suddenly he tensed up and started dumping wad after wad of cum deep in her mouth. He took his cock out and said OPEN YOUR MOUTH, SHOW YOUR HUBBY ALL THE CUM YOU LIKE TO SWALLOW. She opened her mouth and I could see it was filled with wads of cum. Aaden said, SWALLOW IT ALL, she swallowed and swallowed until it was all gone, she opened her mouth looked up at Aaden as to get his approval. Aaden that’s it, that’s what my white whore wives do, swallow it all.

I heard a door bell ring and I went to the door, there were two black tall muscular guys, we all heard, Aaden yell out, YO! IN HERE! They towards the bedroom opened the door and I saw Charles fucking the shit of Aile’s ass. Charles said out loud, OH BABY, YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH OF A FUCKING YOUR BLACK DADDY’S GOT FOR YOU. Charles kept plowing hard into Aile’s ass, while still slapping her ass. Aile put her head down sideways on the bed saying it’s too big, too big. Charles said, SOON YOU’LL BE TAKING LOT’S OF COCK UP YOUR ASS WITH NO PROBLEM, he yelled, RIGHT AADEN! The new guys, Jonah and Mack came over and they high fived with Charles and Aaden. Jonah and Mack were just a bit smaller, but still huge. Mack told Charles, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO FUCK THIS WHORE’S ASS, Mack finished lubing his cock as Charles withdrew, Mack said, LET ME HAVE THAT ASS, he had her doggy-style, he slapped her ass a few times and in one slow thrust he was driving all his cock deep into Aile’s ass. She kept on screaming, Jonah got in front of Aile saying, OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHORE, YOUR BLACK DADDY’S GOING TO FUCK YOUR MOUTH. He inserted his cockhead and told her open your mouth wide, she did what he said, then he started driving his cock in and out of her mouth as Mack was now completely engulfing his cock deep in her ass with every thrust. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my conservative wife really was now turning into a hot Black Cock Whore, she was not fighting at all, she was now in full lust and loving their cocks. Jonah said, HEY CHARLES, GET IN THIS WHORE MAKE RIDE YOU WHILE MACK FUCKS HER ASS, LET’S TRIPLE PLAY THIS WHORE.

Mack yelled out about ten minutes later, YO! LET’S BUST A NUT INTO THIS WHORE AT THE SAME TIME IF WE CAN, IT’LL BLOW HER MIND. They kept on fucking for another ten minutes, while the called her every dirty name in the book, slut, white whore, slut wife, all the name calling did not seem to bother Aile, instead it seemed to her to want to fuck me more. Aile was now going crazy fucking and sucking wildly. Within 1-minute of the other they announced they were coming. They all started tensing up and started dumping what appeared gallons of jism into her orifices. Now I knew for sure, Aile had been made their whore. Throughout the weekend more of Aaden’s guys came over, by the time the weekend was over all of Aaden’s group of 20 black men had used Aile as their whore, several of them had fucked her several times. After that wild weekend, the guys came to the house usually in groups of 3 or 4 guys and they fucked Aile all over the house. One thing for sure Aile had turned into the whore wife I wanted, and I saw plenty of big black cock destroy her hot pussy. My conservative wife that wouldn’t let me fuck her ass or give me a blow job was now almost daily sucking big black cocks. When a group of Aaden’s guys arrived, no matter what she was doing, she immediately stopped and was very happy to quickly spread her legs for black cock, and usually the guys liked to take turns fucking her in the ass, she really was into DPs.

I started noticing that Aaden’s group of guys were no longer coming over that often. I started seeing new guys that I had never seen before. One day I returned from an errand, as I turned the corner to walk up to the door, our front door was wide open. I saw a perfect profile of Aile on her knees in broad daylight with big black cock stuffed in her mouth and she was going crazy sucking it hard. I stood there for a while and watched her devour that huge cock. My wife loved to suck black cock so much, later I learned from Aaden the word around circles of black men that my wife was the best little white cock sucking whore around. My wife loved to suck so much cock sometimes she lost her senses and didn’t realize where she was and literally almost blow jobs in public. I had never seen the guy she was sucking off in our doorway, she was going nuts on his cock. My wife was sucking his huge monster and putting his balls in her mouth and sucking on them. I finally walked up and closed the door, the guy said, YOUR WIFE CAN SURE SUCK COCK, I HEARD AROUND TOWN SHE WAS THE BEST COCK SUCKING WHORE AROUND. I stood there with an erection watching Aile suck this guy’s cock, for the most part I didn’t know the names of most of the guys that came over to fuck Aile. Aile began taking more of his huge monster in her mouth slowly, the guy held her head firmly and began to drive his huge monster down her throat, while saying, THIS LITTLE WHITE SLUT CAN REALLY SUCK COCK, OH YEAH BABY TAKE YOUR BLACK DADDY’S COCK ALL THE WAY DOWN THAT SILKY THROAT. My wife kept on taking his huge cock deeper and deeper, until there was no space between her mouth and his huge balls. He was saying out loud, OH YEAH, LOOK AT THIS WHORE TAKE IT DEEP DOWN HER THROAT, THAT’S IT SLUT, TAKE IT ALL! The guys looked at me saying, MAN THIS WHITE BITCH CAN SURE SUCK COCK. He began to drive his huge cock in and out of her mouth, about a minute later he was driving in and out of Aile’s mouth vert fast and with force. Aile was slobbering all over his huge cock, he began yelling, THAT’S IT BITCH, GAG ON IT, SUCK ON HARDER YOU FUCKING WHORE. Aile didn’t care what names he called her, instead the more derogatory names he called her the hotter she got, she was now acting like his total whore.

He leaned over, raised Aile leaned her over placing her hands against the door, he raised her skirt around her waist, pulled down her panties tossed them aside. He lubed his cock and then in 3 quick thrusts he buried his cock deep up my wife’s ass. Aile has had lots of big black cocks up her ass since the first time that Aaden and his guys broke her ass in, she could take lots of cock of her ass like good whore. The guys began slapping her ass as he fucked the shit of her. He stopped driving his cock in her and told her, COME AND GET IT, DRIVE THAT COCK UP YOUR ASS. MY wife began to drive her ass backward taking as much cock as she could deep in her ass, she began gyrating her hips with all the huge cock up her ass. He said, LOOK AT THIS WHORE GO, MAN CAN SHE FUCK. YOU BLACK COCK UP THAT ASS DON’T YOU SLUT? Aile answered in a moaning, ooooh, yeees, giiive meee aaal youur cock blaaack daaadddy. The guy started pounding her ass real hard for about 5 minutes and the started dumping wads of cum up Aile’s ass. There were no formalities afterwards, usually the guys would zip up and leave. There was no romance and none was intended, the guys were there to use my wife as their whore, that all there was to it.

I asked what happened to Aaden’s buddies, I don’t see them anymore, she said, I’m one of Aaden’s whores, he and all his buddies pimp me out almost every day, they make lots of money and I love all the big black cock I get. That was our new life, some guys would come for blow jobs, some would fuck Aile. Aile’s parents loved for the twins to spend time at their house, I was glad of that. Soon after, it became a very usual thing to come home from daily errands or client meetings and find Aile on her knees sucking a black cock; sometimes a black guy would have her hands against wall as he plowed his huge monster deep in her.

One Saturday morning the twins were still at house when I looked at our security camera and saw four black guys at our front door, I didn’t recognize them at all, these days that was not unusual. I learned later that one of Aaden’s buddies, Chris, had pimped her out for a 4-hour gang bang. Chris had clients in town so he told them he had a white wife that loved to fuck and suck black cocks. When I opened the door to let them in, Aile opened the bedroom door and she looked like a French whore, she had on a black lingerie outfit complete with garter belt, stockings and high heels. One guy said, I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT ALL MY 12 INCHES UP THIS WHORE’S ASS. I told them to hurry get in the bedroom, while I got the twins ready to go.

As I was getting the twins ready, we could hear Aile halfway between low and loud moaning. The twins asked me, what’s wrong with mommy. I told them she was playing some games with some business friends and walked them out the back door took them over to Aile’s parents house.

When I got back, I walked in the bedroom and one guy had Aile lying on him facing up, with his cock impaled in her ass, while another fucking her pussy, they had her head hanging over the edge of the bed while a third guy was fucking her mouth. The guy fucking her mouth was going in slow and deep down her throat, I could see Aile’s throat expand and contrict as he fucked her mouth, it was a hot fucking sight. Not too long would she never would have done this with me, but now complete strangers were fucking her mouth often, an leaving her ass widely gapped. Since our new lifestyle my wife had so much practice having big black cocks up her ass, nothing was painful anymore, instead she preferred to have cocks up her ass and they guys didn’t mind drilling her slutty ass. That Saturday morning, the four guys took turns fucking Aile every way imaginable, kitchen table, leaning over the couch back and arms, on the easy chairs, on the stairs, on the floor, even in the twin’s room. Aile was amazing at sucking cocks, she all four guys dry twice, and they all fucked her several times.

That same Saturday night, Aile was picked up by Aaden and one of his friends, there were three other women in his black Caddy SUV, they all came in the house. Aile came out of the bedroom in a very short black skirt that barely covered her ass. She had on a very low-cut black see through top, lots of cleavage was in full display. I noticed she was dressed up similar to the other three women, very short skirts and see through tops that also showed lot of cleavage, just like Aile, they all looked hot and ready to fuck. Aaden looked my way and said, these are my other three little soccer mom housewives that fuck for me, and now Aile fucks for me to, he looked at Aile, raised her skirt and finger her pussy, while saying, isn’t that right, that pussy belongs to me. Aile, closed her eyes, replied, yes daddy, it’s your pussy anytime you want it. Aaden said, you’re going to keep fucking the brothers I send over, right? Aile bucking her pussy against his hand replied, oooh yeees, daaaddy, I’ll fuuck anybody you want mee to fuuuck, I’m yours. He said don’t forget that and told them all to get in the car, he told hem he was taking them to bachelor’s party with about 25-30 men, they were the entertainment. Aile came back at about 3:00 AM, naked with only a blanket around her, her body and hair were covered in wet and dry cum, she even still had cum dribbling out of the corners of her mouth. She later told me that was because she had given Aaden and his buddy blow jobs on the way home. Aaden later gave me a video of the party, Aile and the other whore-wives had been fucked by all 30 men, some twice, remembering when Aile arrived she could barely walk to the shower. Later she told me, it got so hot for her, she loved being passed around and being fucked over and over by different men, she couldn’t get enough black cock.

It became almost a daily occurrence, Aaden and his buddies had clients that came to town, they always advertised Aile as their best white whore wife that fucked for them. They told their clients that Aile went nuts when she sucked big black cocks, they were lying, I had seen her go bananas taking big black dicks down her throat. Aile tells the guys she’s sucking off, to give her every drop, she wants to suck they black cocks dry. One Friday evening, almost dusk, I came home and Aile was not home, she later arrived in white SUV with beautiful wheels. I looked out through the window, I saw Aile with here miniskirt around her waist as she fucked the guy in the front seat, she was going wild bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning and screaming as she enjoyed his hard cock. She went at for another five minutes, and the guy suddenly held her down hard and started dumping all his cum deep in her hot pussy, she remained on his cock as she gyrated her hips slowly against his cock. The back door opened and out came another tall muscular black man, he opened the front door and pulled her out, turned her around, leaned her over with her hands holding on the side of the SUV.

I quickly started videoing as the guy raised her skirt to her waist, he took the head of his cock and placed on her pussy, in three swift thrusts his huge cock disappeared in her pussy. He withdrew his dick leaving his cock head in her pussy, and said, I HEAR YOU LIKE LOTS OF BLACK DICK, SHOW ME SLUT, GET ALL MY BLACK DICK UP THAT HOT CUNT, STUFF MY BIG BLACK DICK UP YOUR CUNT. Aile wasted no time she began backing up impaling her pussy with his huge cock. He held her tight against his cock while saying, GRIND THAT PUSSY ON MY COCK WHORE, DO IT! It was such a hot sight watching Aile was moaning as she gyrated her hips up and down, then sideways. The guy said, YOU LOVE THAT BLACK DICK DON’T YOU WHORE! As she moaned, she said, ooooh yeees, I luuve black coock soo much, oooh fuuuck meee, fuuuck mee haaard. The guys began fucking her hard outside where neighbors might be able to see her, I was so glad it was almost dark. The guy withdrew his cock and placed on her ass and started to drive in hard, Aile was no longer a stranger to big cocks in her ass so it was not hard to start driving his huge cock in her ass. Aile began moaning as he plowed hard deep in her ass. The he started alternating between her ass and pussy. This guy was totally fucking the shit out of Aile’s hot cunt and ass. The guy grunted loud saying, I’M GONNA NUT BITCH, SUCK MY COCK WHORE, SWALLOW IT ALL. Aile quickly turned around squatted and inserted as much cock as she could in her mouth and started swallowing as much jism as she could, it was so fucking hot watching her go crazy and I had it all on video.

After Aile had swallowed all his cum, she grabbed his pants, unbutton them along with his underwear down to his knees. The guys had a huge package of cock and balls. Aile hugged him with her right arm around his ass while she rested the right side of her face against his balls as she stroked his huge shaft with her left hand. He said, LICK MY BALLS GOOD, DO IT WHORE. SHOW YOUR BLACK DADDY WHAT A GOOD WHITE WHORE YOU ARE. Aile started licking and sucking his balls and licking his shaft from his head to his balls. The guy yelled out at the guy in the car, HEY “D”, MAN AADEN SAID, THIS LITTLE MARRIED WHORE LOVED BLACK COCK, HE WAS RIGHT, THIS BITCH WORSHIPS BLACK COCK. COME OUT HERE AND GET SOME OF THIS WHORE’S MOUTH. The guys got out the car and dropped his pants and she started alternating between sucking their cocks and licking their balls. She kept on sucking them for another 15 minutes then both guys started coming about 2 minutes apart. They dumped so much jism in her mouth she couldn’t swallow it all. The guy that fucked her outside quickly picked her up and leaned her against the car again, then finished dumping his load in her ass, he finished quickly and said, COME ON MAN, DUMP YOUR SHIT UP THIS WHORE’S ASS, the guy called “D” put his cock up deep in her ass and finished dumping cum deep in her ass. The guys left, soon after and she walked in the house, she had lots of cum running down her legs and dripping out the corners of her mouth. She told I’m going to shower, as I watched her, I thought, Aile had come a long way, the little conservative wife was now probably the biggest whore for black cock and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every day Aile still helped with my business but her new primary job was to be an exclusive whore for black-men. Aaden always bought her skimpy lingerie’, he said his whores always had to be prepared to fuck his clients. Aile always wore lingerie’ under her robe all day waiting for Aaden’s calls telling her he was sending a client over. Aaden occasionally would come around, take Aile to our bedroom and fuck the shit out her. I loved seeing and videotaping it all our adventures.

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