A Wet & Wild Day

Valerie stabbed her key into the door. She was impatient to escape the rain. Some idiot with New York license plates had parked a bright red Mini in her spot. She drove two blocks before finding an empty space to park, and was forced to run through the pouring rain.

Out of breath, angry, and soaking wet, Valerie stood just inside the apartment she shared with her lover, Travis. Her feet frozen in place, she looked down at the small pools of water forming around her wet shoes.

Something was wrong. The apartment smelled like a bread bakery.

A blond woman’s head popped out from behind the kitchen door.

“Hi!, my name’s Linda.”

Valerie clung to the front door knob without speaking. She never knew what to say. Meeting new people was awkward. It made her feel shy and inadequate.

“You must be Valerie. Travis, told me all about you.”

Valerie managed to mutter a reply, “You must be a friend of Travis.”

It sounded so dumb. Of course, she was a friend of Travis. How else would she have gotten into the apartment? So Travis had told Linda all about Valerie. That did not sound good because Travis had never told Valerie anything about Linda. Valerie felt betrayed.

Linda flashed her a quick smile.

“You can let go of the door knob now. I promise not to bite.”

Valerie looked down at her hand, squeezing the door knob in a hard, white knuckled grip ready to swing the door open and flee. Linda’s smile made her feel foolish.

Sheepishly, she let go of the door handle.

“You from New York by any chance?” asked Valerie trying hard to appear intelligent.

“That’s right,” answered Linda brightly, “I must have parked in your spot.”

Valerie used her fingers to brush the dripping strands of hair hanging in her face behind her ears. Irritated by Linda’s smiling face and feeling like a soaking wet fool, Valerie rushed past her with an apology.

“I gotta get this wet stuff off,” she mumbled heading straight for the bathroom.

In the safety of the bathroom, Valerie wasted no time. She stripped out of her wet clothes and jumped into the shower. The hot spray of the shower melted away her anger. It made her feel warm and safe.

Damn good looking, Valerie thought. No doubt about it. Linda-from-New York was trouble. Younger too. Travis would compare. Valerie-Linda, Linda- Valerie? Which one would he want? Valerie knew the answer. It would be Linda.

Thinking about Travis excited Valerie. She slipped her fingers between her legs touching herself. It felt good. Rubbing. Touching herself.

Feeling her knees start to buckle with desire, the shower drumming against her body, Valerie felt a wave of pleasure rising inside her. Just a bit more and the wave would submerge her in a foamy torrent of turbulence. She waited for the wave to crest. She waited for it to come crashing down.

Suddenly, Valerie screamed.

The shower water had turned ice cold.

“Shit!,” she yelled, “Fucking bitch!”

From behind the bathroom door, she heard Linda’s muted voice.

“Oops! Sorry, I turned on the dishwasher.”

Linda turned the dishwasher off, and the shower warmed up again, but not Valerie. The moment was lost. Frustrated, she stepped out of the shower and dried off.

With one towel wrapped around her head like a turban, and another tucked around her breasts, Valerie padded into the kitchen to confront Linda.

“You’re just in time,” said Linda removing a freshly baked loaf of bread from the oven.

The smell was delicious. Valerie’s stomach grumbled.

“I thought you might be hungry. So I cooked up a quick dinner of stuffed pork chops, corn, gravy, mashed potatoes, and freshly baked bread.”

“It smells wonderful,” Valerie admitted out loud, but inside she was cursing. Linda not only had killer looks, she could also cook. Valerie had never learned how to cook. The entire kitchen was warm with the scent of freshly cooked food.

Linda lifted the apron over the top of her perfectly coifed hair revealing an unwrinkled flower print dress.

Little Miss Homemaker, thought Valerie. She looked so cool. Little Miss Home-wrecker. She did not look like someone who had just cooked up a complete homemade meal for two.

Perfectly composed, Linda pulled out a kitchen chair and motioned Valerie to sit down.

“Take a seat. I’ll serve you,” Linda smiled.

Valerie wanted to hate Linda, but her body betrayed her. The food was delicious. She found herself asking for second and even third helpings. It had been a long time since she had eaten freshly baked bread. It was delicious.

Travis had put Valerie on a health food diet so she would loose weight. It had been a long time since Valerie had savored the taste of mashed potatoes covered in gravy and real butter melting into freshly baked bread. Valerie was in heaven.

After eating, Linda bounced up, taking the plates to the sink, cleaning up. She filled the sink with hot soapy water and started washing the dishes by hand.

“Hey!” Valerie shouted, “You can use the dishwasher now. I didn’t mean to scream at you like that.” Valerie felt guilty. She felt terrible for hating Linda.

“That’s OK,” answered Linda,” I like washing dishes by hand.”

“Are you sure I can’t help?” asked Travis guiltily.

“There is something.”


“Brush my hair out of my face.”

Linda turned her head to one side.

Valerie looked.

A single strand of Linda’s hair had fallen down over her left eye. She was not perfect. Valerie stood behind Linda as she washed the dishes. Carefully, she brushed the offending lock of hair back over Linda’s ear.

“That felt good,” encouraged Linda.

“What?” asked Valerie provocatively exhaling her hot breath into the back of Linda’s neck.

“Don’t move,” insisted Linda.

Valerie had no intention of moving. Linda pressed back against Valerie’s body. Valerie responded by grinding her towel wrapped pelvis into Linda’s buttocks. Valerie lightly rubbed her breasts against Linda’s back. It felt good. It felt right.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Linda lifted her hands out of the hot soapy water and turned to face Valerie. She kissed Valerie lightly on the lips undoing the towel wrapped around her breasts.

Valerie felt Linda’s warm soapy hands caressing her. It felt so right. Valerie closed her eyes. She was afraid to look Linda in the face. Afraid that the magic spell would somehow be broken if Linda looked directly into her eyes.

Effortlessly, Linda pushed Valerie down onto the kitchen floor. Valerie’s body seemed to be floating with her legs spread wide and the towel sprawled underneath her.

There were a few more quick kisses and suddenly Linda was between her legs, kissing, and then sucking with a hunger that took Valerie by surprise.

Travis never went down on her. Travis never let his raw emotions show. Linda knew what she wanted. Her tongue knew what Valerie wanted.

Valerie moaned.

It felt good.

Oh, so good.

Valerie’s body responded. She started to flow. It embarrassed her. When she got excited, really sexually excited, she flowed. It was more then just moist, Valerie got soaking wet.

It both excited and embarrassed her. And the more she thought about it, the wetter she got.

Linda had turned on Valerie like a water faucet, and she sucked up the fluids making obscene gulping sounds. Like an erupting Volcano, Valerie felt herself over-flowing, helpless against the natural forces of her body. Hot streams of lava dripped down the inside of her thighs. Linda could not keep up. Valerie was pouring out onto the floor. The towel had slipped out from under her bottom. There was nothing to soak up the flood. A slick, wet pool would form on the kitchen floor like rainwater. Only Valerie would know it was something else.

In ecstasy, Valerie shook her head from side to side, her hands pushing down on Linda’s head, urging her to keep licking. Valerie heard the roar of blood rushing in her ears. It was like the rushing sound of the ocean tide being sucked out, to build a wave.

In a moment, the wave would peak, the flow would reverse, and she would be swept away.

It was distant.

The sound was so distant, Valerie thought it was inside her head. A whispered cry from her imagination trying to humiliate her. But when Linda’s tongue froze, Valerie’s sense of reality gradually rose to the surface.

There it was again. A voice from the living room.

“Hi, I’m home. Is anyone here?” shouted Travis, slamming the front door and heading straight to the kitchen.