Confessions: A two week holiday

I went for a two week holiday at my grand fathers home in South Wales – I was recovering from a hernia operation – He met me at the station – he recognized me before I recognized him – he took me to his cozy little house. Granddad adored me – I was to share his bed – I actually turned down granddads sisters offer to sleep at her place.

I was tired by 10 pm and went to bed – I had to wear a full pajamas top and bottom – I was more tired than I thought because I fell asleep almost immediately.

I was awoken by granddad getting into the bed with me – I was lying on my back.

I thought he had gone to sleep – I was very hot, pouring of sweat – bloody pajama tops were causing me this discomfort. What’s more my prick was outside my pajama bottoms front opening – I hadn’t had my three usual wanks and my balls felt as if they would explode unless I relieve them soon.

I tried stroking my cock with my right hand but my moving elbow touched granddad – I tried using my left hand but the wall and my elbow made a noise – so I lay awake extremely frustrated – then granddad asked if I was awake – I told him I was. Then without warning his hand grabbed my dick.

I was more surprised than shocked and my natural response was to pull his hand off me, but he wouldn’t let go – he whispered ‘Neville I wouldn’t ever hurt you,’ With that I sat up and removed my pajama top and kicked off my pajama bottoms – I lay down and told granddad ‘Be my guest.’ He felt my testicles and ran his hand all over my torso – he pinched my nipples – he made me touch his cock – I didn’t like that because of his age – he only had about 4 inches – he must have sensed I’d mentally compared sizes because he said ‘Yes Neville yours is bigger than mine, but I bet I cum more than you.’ Well before I knew it I was fucking him. The next morning he bought a large jug of hot water – there was a large basin and granddad told me to have a strip was and to pay special attention to my private parts – I duly obeyed.

I couldn’t find my clothes so I went down stairs in my pajamas – granddad had his back to me.

I sensed a bit of an atmosphere between us. Then granddad spoke – ‘Neville I hope what happened last night hasn’t upset you.’ I replied ‘Not at all granddad I enjoyed it.’ At that the old boy turned around with a lovely grin on his face. ‘So there’s no need to mention it to your mother is there.’ I said ‘I wouldn’t dream of telling her or anybody else about it.’ I thought ‘If only you knew what me and mom were doing and what me and the farmer were doing you’d know how funny his question was.’ He then asked me if I was hungry – I was starving so he cooked me a large breakfast. He watched me eat every mouthful and then he moved the table and as I sipped my cup of tea he told me I had a beautiful body – my rising cock popped out from the pajamas – he gently stroked it into a full erection. He undid the pajama cord from around my waist. He then sucked me off and I ejaculated into his mouth. Afterwards we went out for the day to meet relatives I never knew I had.

I fucked granddad every night in bed – But on the nights when we stayed in to watch television together – he asked me to strip off at about 8 pm each evening – we sat side by side in two arm chairs with our feet up resting on foot stools. Granddad would fondle my cock and balls – on three occasions he asked me to stand up and walk around the living room – then to stand up in front of him and masturbate myself – this turned me on a lot.

I took my time to give the old boy a good show.

I fucked him twice in the kitchen.

I told him I was having sex with my mom, a farmer and numerous school boyfriends – he said I was over sexed – I told him I’d been accepted into the army as a boy soldier. He thought that to be a good place to get rid of my boyhood energy. All too soon the holiday was over – he died two years later – I cried more than mom did.

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