A Man In The Crew

“Sound general quarters, bring us about three degrees starboard, sixteen degrees ventral pitch.” Commanded the dark haired middle aged woman the crew referred to as Skipper, walking determinedly across the dimly lit conning bridge towards the forward viewport that wrapped around the deck, a barking alarm repeating overhead.

“Contact is turning to face us, I’ve got movement from point defense turrets.” Reported the tall red haired Lieutenant Commander on the helm. She was right, as they closed in Skipper could see the small tri-barrelled point defense turrets aboard the raiding cruiser rotating back and forth, scanning for additional targets, launched from this ship or another. It was likely her main weapons were bearing down as well.

“Get me a firing solution Carter, and put a shot across their bow. Let them know our purpose.” Skipper said to the gunnery officer with a grim determination. The raider sitting off their bow was between them and a crippled fuel freighter. Without that fuel her own ship wouldn’t have enough power to keep the air scrubbers charged, much less find a more profitable target.

“Solution found, firing” Was the quick response given by the wiry woman near Skippers age sitting by the port side of the viewport at the fire control station.

A slight ripple could be seen in the space separating the two vessels, followed by a detonation and rippling shockwave just off the port bow of the engaging raider. Its fuselage visibly shuddered from the shockwave, but kept pushing forward regardless, closing the distance between the two vessels, but still maintaining itself between the Amazi and the fuel freighter.

“Still no response Skip.” Piped the excitable young communications officer, holding her earpiece tentatively through her flowing blonde hair.

“I don’t think they’ll be giving one Jones, Carter go ahead and fire to disa…” Started Skipper, but a ripple had erupted from the raider and detonated a few meters off their ventral midship. The shockwave interrupted her and shook the deck plates under their feet, and everyone gripped deck holds along the bulkheads.

“Disable her Carter. Now.” Ordered Skipper, and no sooner had the command left her lips a salvo of ripples shot towards the approaching raider, tearing into its port side and scattering hull plates and debris in the wake of the detonations. One shot tore through the port engine nacelle, and a brilliant flurry of flashes darted across the stern of the vessel.

Amazi was armed with four auto loading EM cannons that fired 80mm iron shells at near light speed, leaving a ripple of spacial distortion in their wake. They were considerably larger calibre than most vessels of her size, and the raider was clearly not prepared for the onslaught it faced. With a lumbering turn to starboard, she limped away, struggling under the mismatched power of its starboard engines only, thick plumes of grayish green plasma flowing behind it from the shattered port nacelle.

“Hold fire, but keep a solution on that raider. Fields bring us up on that freighter and prepare for docking.” Skipper said with finality and relaxed tentatively into her observation chair at the starboard side of the viewport.

They needed this fuel. More so than they ever had before, they were in rough territory, and the crew was anxious for a good haul. The freighter probably wouldn’t bring it, being primarily just filled with fuel, but it would allow them to venture through the nebula into better hunting grounds, and finally a payday. She just hoped it wasn’t to late. Moral was low.

“Vickers, take Dani and Axie with you, and form a boarding party. Secure the freighter, offload as much fuel as you can within an hour, and check their reserve hold for anything unusual.” Skipper told the tall and dark second in Command standing behind the helm with her arms clasped behind her back.

“Aye, aye Skipper.” Vickers replied as she turned on heel and marched through the aft hatchway, cuing her comm unit as she went.

“Dani, Axie, prepare for EVA and meet me at the starboard gangway.” She growled into the unit.

“Willco” Replied both girls, one after the other, their voices scratchily echoing from the grey comm on Vickers shoulder as she grabbed the deck ladder and slid down to the deck below, her boots landing with a solid thump on the deck plate. She then turned the corner to a wide semicircular hatch, and a row of lockers on the adjoining wall and opened one to reveal a large black environmental suit, studded across the chest, shoulders, and thighs with thick armor plating.

The suits were light and flexible, but stiflingly hot in the atmosphere of the ship, where the heat of the guns and various machinery kept the cold of space far at bay. Because of this constant heat, the crew typically just wore thin grayish green tactical vests containing their comms units and small arms, and then matching bikini bottoms for a semblance of modesty while preserving the comfort and necessity of coolness.

She had just slipped into her suit when the other two girls came skittering around the corner, the first, a pale skinned and fair haired German girl named Dani, and the second an equally fair skinned but red headed girl named Axie. They were both the youngest recruits on the ship, and the most junior, they had both joined the crew as soon as they turned 18, hoping to find adventure and an escape from the slums of Europa.

“Get suited up. As soon as we dock we have one hour to complete fuel transfer, and examine the reserve hold.” She said as they nodded briskly and swung open lockers of their own, revealing more suites of the same design.

They had all just finished suiting up and slinging large EM rifles over their shoulders as a soft clunk on the other side of the semi-circular hatch cued their arrival.

“Alright. your cleared for EVA, good luck” crackled the overhead speaker with Jone’s constantly excited voice.

They all nodded eat each other, their faces hidden behind the dark face masks of their helmets as Vickers slapped the hatch controls and the large hatch rolled aside with a hiss, exposing the dark interior of the awaiting freighter.

Cautiously the three of them proceeded down the freighters gangway, dark scoring along the bulkheads and deck plate showing evidence of the raiders attempts to board, but it seemed as if Amazi had arrived just after the automated defenses fell. Charred remains of heavy gatling turrets marked the gangway at its end, where the corridor junctioned off to the aft and bow.

Marking the space between the two corridors, was a meter wide dump valve leading to the primary fuel lockers. “Gangway is secure, you two begin offload, and maintain an open channel. Report any movement or engagement.” Vickers ordered as she shouldered her rifle and headed down the aft corridor. In turn, Dani began typing in commands on the valve plate as Axie returned to the Amazi’s gangway for the upload line.

The corridor was dark and cramped, lined on both sides with thick iron plumbing and arrays of valve systems for sending fuel between the primary tanks. There was a clunk, and a soft hum that thrummed through the bulkheads as pumps for the tanks activated. The two young shipmates must have successfully began the offload, so the clock was ticking. Just before the corridor slanted towards the port stern, a large hatch appeared leading inboard, locked shut with a softly glowing control panel.

Vickers removed a small metal spike from the cuff of her EV suit, turned the head of it counter clockwise, and attached its magnetic backplate to the side of the control panel. She typed in a series of characters, and a loud grinding creak issued from the iron latches around the circular hatch. With a hiss it slid inward.

With the rifle tightly against her armored shoulder, Vickers stepped into the gloomy reserve hold, scanning side to side to make sure there wasn’t any other defense systems in place. Usually, automated fuel freighters like this one didn’t hold much of anything of significant value in the reserve hold, just extra components and auxiliary power units for the dock hands that would access her for maintenance. But Skipper had slightly suspected the raiders knew something they didn’t, otherwise there was no reason for them to be so intent on keeping the prize. Fuel wasn’t usually that hot of a commodity, Amazi’s situation aside. Amazi had been hiding for weeks in the Helix Nebula, hoping to find a large Dracan Freighter passing through to prey upon, but had ran across a string of equipment failures and bad luck.

Mostly the hold held precisely what Vickers expected it would, but then, against the forward bulkhead, she saw something large and rectangular, about six feet long and three feet high, with a soft blueish glow radiating from the top of it. As she walked closer, rifle still at ready, she noticed a long bank of control panels along the edge of the object.

As she finally stood over it, she realized the top of it was clear, and the blue glow was coming from inside, and what she saw inside made her freeze with surprise and a tinge of excitement. Slowly, and with forced calmness, she cued her comm unit.

“A Breeder?! Here? Aboard a fuel freighter?” Exclaimed the Skipper incredulously.

The equally incredulous sounding Vickers replied, her comm channel being piped through the overhead speakers on the bridge. “I do confirm, looks to be mid too late 20’s, good health, definitely a male. Currently in a stasis pod. I’m not sure how to move the pod though, as soon as we disconnect it from the ship it will begin the extraction sequence. He’s too valuable to leave here, but I don’t know what to expect if we wake him.”

Skipper paced the width of the bridge slowly and ponderously. Vickers was right, we couldn’t leave him here. But a breeder loose on the ship? That could be disastrous. Few of the women aboard had likely ever seen a male, and one wandering around the decks might ignite some passions that the ships morale couldn’t withstand.

“Examine the power conduits Commander, see if we can rig a portable to it somehow for transport.” She finally decided. Suddenly a shrill alarm blared from the comm.

“Skipper, the enemy raider has came about. Two more contacts entering sensor range astern of it.” It was Fields. She had taken on scanning duty while they were docked and Vickers was off bridge, since station keeping wasn’t necessary while they were docked.

“Belay that order Vickers, disconnect immediately and get that stasis pod on board. Dani, Axie, cut the valve and secure the line. Get back aboard on the double. We’ve got company.” Skipper barked over the comm as she took a seat in the observation chair and swung it down the long viewport until she could get a clear view of the approaching vessels, just appearing as sell dots at this distance.

“Carter I want a firing solution on that lead vessel, and a standby on the one to its starboard. Fire as we bear, shoot to kill this time.” Skipper ordered with a firm resolve. She had fuel and a prize, she’d be damned to lose it now.

“Valve closed, line secured, were helping Vickers with the stasis unit.” Reported Daz overhead as a series of flashes issued from one of the enemy ships.

“Multiple contacts branching off from the farthest vessel, looks like fighters.” Field added from the scanners.

“Taz, Daz, keep on alert multiple contacts inbound.” Skipper said into the comm channel for the small blister turrets on the ventral and dorsal edges of the Amazi. The turrets housed the tri-barreled point defense weapons for fending off smaller attack craft, and while unable to maneuver moored to the large ungainly freighter, they were Amazi’s only defense.

“Fighters closing fast, capitol ships are entering torpedo range.” Piped Field. Normally that wasn’t much of a concern for Amazi, their agility made torpedoes useless against her, but latched to the freighter…

“Vickers, we need to go now.” Skipper barked in a flat voice.

“Wilco, we’re at the gangway now, just a few more moments.” Vickers voice replied over the comm, noticeably winded.

“Torpedoes fired, 30 seconds to impact.” Reported Fields, with an urgent concern seeping into her voice. At the same time the dull thud-thud-thud of the point defense turrets reverberated through the hull, and puffs of reddish grey starbursts lit up in a perimeter around the ship. No sooner had they started firing, and nine silver upside down V shaped fighters peeled through the bursts of flak. One clean shot detonated between the two lead fighters, sending one careening off to port in a cloud of boiling plasma and melting steel, and the other tumbling to starboard spewing a trail of twisted debris.

“Were clear.” Announced Vickers, and Skipper wheeled around and replaced Fields at the scanner as she jumped into the helm. 15 seconds to impact.

“Seal hatch, release clamps, and give me three quarters to starboard, pitch down 40 degrees. At 100 meters begin spiraling evasives.” Ordered Skipper as a loud clunk announced the release of the clamps, and a steady thrum ran through the deck plates, signifying the revival of her powerful ion engines.

“Brace for Impact, 4, 3, 2, 1.” She counted off, and the barrage of torpedoes ripped right through their dissipating wake, and into the full flank of the fuel freighter.

“Full ahead flank.” She barked, but no sooner had deck plates surged beneath their feet that a brilliant flash lit up the viewport. Everything went deathly silent for a moment, even the steady thudding of the point defense turrets as the flash blinded their gunners. Then the shockwave hit with the sudden shock of a thunder strike, and a great crunch of metal filled their ears, followed by a painful overpressure, and the feeling that the deck plate had fallen out from under their feet, only to reach back up and slam back into them furiously.

“Damage report!” Skipper coughed, a splatter of blood from a bitten lip tinging her wrist red, and the smoke from blown fuse panels stinging her eyes.

“Engines stuttered with the shockwave, but were still at full power. Fire control is down though, same with air handlers and a half a dozen other subsystems.” Reported Jones from Communications, dark soot covered her face, and a long cut ran from her left eye to her chin.

Damn. With fire control out they couldn’t get a shot in, they just had to run for it. “Maintain speed, head for the nebula. Carter can you assume local control of the aft guns?”

“I can try Skip” Replied the grim Gunnery officer as she turned from her bridge post and took off down the dark corridor. They might at least be able to get some parting shots off.

The scanners didn’t show the fighters anymore, they must have not weathered the explosion of the freighter as well as Amazi. They might still be adrift somewhere, but she couldn’t pick up their power signatures. The larger ships were to far away still to be terribly affected however, and were quickly closing into firing distance for their primary guns.

“Ok, helm, prepare a smokescreen and cut engines full reverse on my mark. Keep a steady tack though.” Skip ordered as the three ships started to close. Amazi was faster, but the raiders had the angle on them, and even at flank speed the raiders would close into firing range before Amazi could make the safety of the nebula.

“Ok, Carter should be in the back by now. Engage, and standby with the smokescreen.” She said firmly, keeping her eyes on the closing ships. A deep groan resonated through the bulkheads as the Amazi’s powerful engines reversed thrust radically, and a shrill whine joined the cacophony as the inertial dampers struggled to keep up with the sudden reversal in momentum.

Just as she expected, the lead ship opened fire as soon as it came within range, and dark ripples flashed across the bow and detonated precisely where the ship would have been before the maneuver. A second tremble rumbled through the deck as the shockwave hit them.

“Light buckling on the port nacelle struts, she’s holding.” Reported Jones matter of factly just as a second volley of ripples poured from Amazi’s aft cannons. Brilliant flashes erupted along the dorsal edge of the lead ship, with a lurch its navigation lights went dark and the hull seemed to contract. Moments later its port half detonated violently spraying debris across the path of the following vessels.

“Alright, drop the smokescreen and resume flank forward. Lets hope she holds together.” Skip barked as she gripped the chair tightly. With an even deeper grinding groan than before the ship bounded forward under its abused engines.

The other ships had scattered in a desperate attempt to avoid the field of spreading debris coming from the destroyed hulk, and bright flashes along their hulls gave evidence to the futility. Amazi was pulling away rapidly, and was quickly enveloped by the outer tendrils of the nebula. The deep blue cloud of plasma pouring from the engine housings ensuring that any trace of their location was masked before they were fully hidden by the nebula.

“Alright. Secure from general quarters. Vickers, you have the bridge. I want to go investigate our newfound cargo.”

“Vitals are stable, we can open the pod now.” Said Axie, the only member of the small crew who had any medic training. Skipper, Axie, and the two gunners mates stood in the cluttered cargo hold before the grey container holding the breeder, while the lights flickered softly over head and the smell of smoke still lingered on the slowly filtering air.

“Well then, we have little choice. On with it then.” Commanded the Skipper in a reserved tone. A breeder among the crew might cause obvious issues, but little was to be done for it. The disconnect from the freighters systems had forced the stasis pod to begin reanimation, and they had no way to stop it.

With a hiss, the top half of the pod lifted from the bottom half and then started to swing up at a jaunted angle. A cloud of blueish fog had risen from the inside of the pod, and was slowly settling back down around the deck and a figure rose up from the inside.

A silence fell from the women on the deck as his figure became more clear through the residual fog. He was muscular and wide shouldered, with dark glistening skin and short clean cut head of hair matching a close well trimmed beard. A short collective gasp rose from the room, and both the gunners mates rose hands shyly covering their mouths as he stood up and revealed a large flaccid cock.

He was equally surprised at his new surroundings. In a half circle around him stood four attractive women clad in nothing but a matching uniform of thin dark green tactical vests and bikini bottoms. He couldn’t remember anything cuing him to what he should expect, but this certainly didn’t seem like it.

“So, uhm, you probably don’t remember anything right now, but you will over time.” Said Axie as she smiled slightly to him.

“Welcome aboard the Europan Privateer Amazi, Breeder. I’m the Skipper, this is ships mate Axie who is so kindly taking care of you, and ships mate Dani appears to be standing awkwardly over here in the corner with gunners mates Taz and Daz.” It was the tall middle aged woman with four brass pips on her vest who spoke, gesturing to the various women around the cramped and cluttered cargo hold. The two gunners mates appeared to be twins, and he caught both of their eyes and they looked away giggling.

“We found you in the hold of a Dracan freighter, and you’re clearly not Dracan. Let me know if you remember how you got there. In the mean time, as soon as Axie clears you I want you… in some pants. And pulling your weight. Probably in the aft point defense station. Meet me on the gun deck as soon as possible.” She continued before she turned and motioned for the other girls, except for Axie, to follow her through the hatch. He slowly sat back down, racking his brain for how he ended up in a Dracan freighter.

“You should be fine. These modern pods are exquisite, and have almost no turn around time… though memory refraction can be, temperamental.” The young red head they named Axie told him as she bent over to check his vitals. He smiled and nodded, and realized he could see down her loose fitting vest and her small hanging breasts as she bent over. They were covered in small freckles, and green flecks glinted in her eyes as she saw him staring and a smile spread across her face.

“Stand back up for me, I need to check your muscle response.” She said softly, her grin becoming something he thought looked a bit mischievous. As he stood, her hands grasped his wide shoulders, and started to slide down his thick chest and rippled abs, wrapping around his chiseled abdomen, and resting on his hips.

“Your upper body seems in good shape.” She continued and looked down, gazing momentarily at his cock as her hands slid down his firm buttocks and thighs, then drifted back up and brushed against his quickly hardening penis.

“And your lower body seems, exquisite.” She murmured as she looked back up and locked eyes with him gripping her hand around his now hard shaft.

“Axie, is he ready?” Interrupted Skipper over the overhead comm rather pointedly.

“Well, I guess we should get you dressed.” She whispered into his ear. She then let go of his hard cock and backed away with a wink before she grabbed the comm unit on the wall.

“I’m happy to see the comm back Skip. He’ll be ready momentarily.” She reported with a smirk and he pulled on a tactical vest that was folded up by his pod.

“So um, what do I do for pants?” He asked questioningly looking around. They had plenty of vests, but only the bikini bottoms for below the waist.

“Hmm. Thats a fun problem. For now use this towel, make a sort of loin cloth out of it, I promise I’ll try to come up with something better.” She said with a giggle tossing him a thin black towel. He tried to figure out a way to cover himself with it for a moment, and then settled on a wrap around his waist like a kilt.

She guided him out of the hatch and down a short corridor to a ladder that lead to the decks above and below, and she clambered up it with a slip. He followed behind, and got a nice glimpse of her bikini clad ass as she shimmered up ahead of him.

“Good to see you in clothes Breeder.” Called a commanding voice down the dully lit corridor they arrived at, and he turned to see the imposing figure of the Skipper.

The corridor they stood in was much darker and tighter than the cargo hold, and he had to stoop lightly to keep from hitting his head on the many power conduits that littered the overhead.

“Daz here is going to take you to the aft point defense turret, and train you in how to operate it.” She said briskly, gesturing to a short dark haired girl standing shyly beside her. She was clearly the identical twin of the other gunners mate.

“Follow me, and I’ll show you the way. Watch your step, the conduits here are everywhere, the turrets require an enormous amount of power.” Said the short girl quietly but with a comfort. It was clear that the gun deck was where she was most comfortable. She led him down the corridor as it snaked along what he assumed was the dorsal edge of the ship.

“Here is my turret, but I’ll go ahead and set you up in the aft turret, as that will become your station. It hasn’t been used for a while, so it might be a bit finnicky. We’ve been short a gunner for quite some time.” She continued as they passed a circular hatch on the overhead.

As they walked, he couldn’t help but watch the way her ass bounced up and down with each step. Like all the crew, she was exceptionally fit, but her short frame left her with slightly fuller hips and an absolutely beautiful figure. Like all of the crew, her clothing was very thin, and the bikini bottoms she wore left little to the imagination. It was all likely for handling the intense heat that seemed to permeate every deck around them.

“And here we are. This is going to be a bit awkward, but were going to just have to kind of cram in at first so I can show you things. You first.” She said with a flourish as she slid a hatch aside at the end of the corridor. Beyond the hatch was a small transparent blister that stuck out from the hull, with a singular seat in it and a heavy tri-barrelled EM cannon that mounted through the center of it. He climbed through the narrow hatch and took the seat, as she climbed in behind him, and without anywhere else to go sat in his lap, balanced precariously into him to avoid the butt and grips of the EM cannon. The hatch sealed behind them with a hiss.

“Ok, so obviously, this is you main weapon, three barrells, 600 rpm, and the firing trigger on these two paddles.” She said as she pulled his arms around her and placed them on the two grips on each side of the cannons receiver.

“Now, this is your active turrets, this switch here activates passive defenses, which will throw up a randomized wall of starburst flak across our entire aft section.” She said reaching between their legs to show a switch at the base of the seat. As she did so, her ass ground back into him and he could feel his cock hardening.

“Now lets traverse the turret. This takes some getting used to.” She continued and directed his feet onto two pedals below the seat. As he pressed each one the turret turned in that direction, and with other quick experiments he figured out how to traverse up and down.

With each traversal, she was pushed around in his lap rapidly, and it wasn’t long before they were both breathing slightly heavily, and his hard cock was digging into her bikini clad ass, there was no way she couldn’t know.

“Ok, now to have some fun!” She said with a smirk, and leaned forward to pull a priming pin on the guns receiver. As she did so, he felt the pressure on his hard penis give way, but a little bit more than he expected it too. Suddenly he noticed his towel had came untied, and before he could stop her she had sat back down in his now mostly unclothed lap.

“Ok, uhm… Oh, uh take aim at something out..” She started to stammer, as she felt what had to be his cock slide between her legs, but before she could finish, and before she could look down to confirm her suspicions, the comm crackled over head and grabbed both of their attentions as the sound of a general alarm rang.

“Trial by fire Breeder. We just picked up multiple contacts, possibly recon fighters from the remaining ships out there. Daz stay back there and help him aft. Shoot anything that..” And then the comm was cut off too as a dark winged shape popped out of the swirling nebula and peppered the side of the ship with cannon fire, causing sparks to rain down from the comm unit and it crackled into silence.

She pushed his feet out of the way instinctively and took over the turret movement, but his arms were still wrapped around her with his hands on the grips holding the trigger. As she brought them around and the fighter filled the sights he squeezed gently and the tiny bubble they sat in rocked with the recoil of the gun, and the fighter erupted into shattered debris.

“Good shot! now lets get some heat on them!” She exclaimed and sat up again to flip the switch beneath them for the passive defensive perimeter. When she bent over, his hard and free cock ground against her soft lips from behind, only barred from entrance by the thin fabric bikini bottom. She let out a sharp moan and he pulled the trigger accidentally in surprise. The resulting jar from the recoil only made their predicament worse, and his cock was jostled under the inside hem of her bikini. she sat up with a start, and reached between her legs to adjust her bikini, but her fumbling attempts just helped to inadvertently move the fabric to the side, and with another shudder through the hull his tip prodded at her entrance.

She gasped loudly, and clutched onto his knees, but they both saw a fighter shoot past them, and knew they had to make the shot regardless of their predicament. She maneuvered them in, and he pulled the trigger, his cock sliding deeper into her wet and welcoming pussy with every shuddering recoil from the gun.

They were done fighting it. She had never done this with a real live breeder before, and he was loving the feel off her tight soaked sex, so she moaned and ground her pussy back into him and he thrust in response up into her as they scanned for another target.

The last fighter shot overhead preparing to double back and take another run, and she guided them on target again, and he pulled the triggers, causing fire to rip through the canopy of the banking fighter, and it slowly dissolved into a twisting spiral leading into the milky nebula. Again, the thundering recoil of the heavy cannon ground her down onto his waiting cock, and she dug her nails lustfully into his thighs as she rode him. Silence fell around them as the battle ebbed to a stop, but their heavy breathing continued as he pumped in and out of her, his hands sliding from the triggers and down around her waist helping guide her up and down his manhood.

With a shudder she came, and the smell of her sex mingled with the burnt wiring and hot metal that filled the battle weathered turret. He felt her spasm and grip tighter around his shaft, and with a shuddering moan he drove it deep inside her and fired stream after stream of long awaited semen into her fertile body.

As they slowed to a stop, and their sweaty adrenaline filled bodies collapsed together, the hatch behind them opened with a hiss, revealing the Skipper glowering down at them.