A Dream Come True

My dad has run a small car repair shop in garages at the back of our house for as long as I can remember. So I used to seeing dirty mechanics in and around our house. Now at fourteen my body was blossoming, my tits were developing and black tufts of pubic hair sprouting up, being Hispanic I had a deep golden brown complexion. Mum started telling me to cover up a bit more when any of dad’s employees were about the house. I did notice myself that they started looking at me in a strange kind of way.

During the school holidays, one Monday morning dad brought a new trainee apprentice to the house. His name was Bobby, eighteen years old and looked really fit. Sometimes I would go to the bottom of the garden a look over the fence into dad’s garage backyard and every time I saw Bobby my heart would sink and go weak at the knees. I think it was the first time I’d ever had a crush on a guy before, even though we had never spoke. I lay in bed at night I would let my fingers find the warm wetness between my legs. I would rub back and forth on my pleasure bud until I could feel my pussy throbbing and aching, it made my whole body quiver and shake when I fingered it. I started to fantasize about Bobby being next to me. On Saturday dad asked me if I wanted to earn some spending money washing the cars. Normally I would decline his offer but because Bobby was working overtime I accepted. It was a hot day so put on my white bikini, an old T-shirt and short denim skirt. Dad and I went to the yard at the back of his garage, got the hose and washing liquid out and showed me the six cars he wanted me to clean. Then he went back inside the work shop.

I started to wash the first car, washing then drying it and in the process getting my T-shirt wet, so being a hot day I took it off. It wasn’t long before I noticed three of the mechanics including Bobby, who had come outside for a cigarette starring at me. It wasn’t long before I realized why.

Every time I stretched up they had a good view of my bikini bottoms beneath my denim skirt also what was a bit embarrassing the darkness of my nipples were visible threw my wet bikini top. Tom, the oldest mechanic who I known since I was little came over and my Dad asked I wanted a coke as they were having their lunch break shortly.

I had just finished washing the third car when Tom and Bobby came out carrying a white plastic table, Dad came out with four matching chairs. Tom, Bill and Bobby sat down, Dad went back in to make some coffee, returning with three coffees and a can of coke for me. “Keep an eye on them Sara. I’m going shopping with your mother and I don’t want these lot sitting around all afternoon while I’m gone,” he said jokingly, then he left. Tom, Bill and Bobby sat down and started chatting, I sat between Tom and Bill opposite Bobby. Bobby looked at me and smiled “So your Sara then, I’ve heard a lot about you from the guys” I felt nipples harden and my face go beetroot red, no words would come out of my mouth, I just nodded at him, he turned away and chatted with Bill and Tom.

My god was I embarrassed, he had actually spoken to me and I’d blown it. I got up and went to finish washing the other cars, I knew they were watching me, an evil thought came into my mind. I’ll tease them, maybe that way Bobby might be interested in me. On purpose I would over stretch when washing the car bonnets opening my legs and them watch, for well knowing they would be looking at my bikini knickers.
Stealing a glance over my shoulder I was them leaning forward having a real good look between my legs. They were smiling, I could tell they liked the view. But O my god the sight wasn’t for Tom or Bill, both were as old as my Dad. Eventually they went back to work.

Once I had finished cleaning I started to pack up the stuff. I was just about to roll the hose up when Bobby and Bill came out. They started to make fun of me, saying I had missed a bit and the wheel trims were dirty. Obviously they weren’t, so in more of temper than fun I turned the water hose on them, spraying water all over them. Bobby came running towards me, I turned my back on him as he tried to wrestle the hose off me. I think it was on propose more than not, that his hands were touching and rubbing my boobs as he grappled the hose off me.
The play got broke up when he heard my Dad’s car pull up. “I’ll get you back,” Bobby said as he dashed back in to the workshop. Well, the ice was broken now. I spoke to him at every opportunity after that day.

** A few week s later Dad arranged a Bar- B-Que for Mum’s birthday. Knowing that Billy would be there I dressed in a short yellow summer dress and borrowed some of Mum’s make up. The guests started to arrive about 6pm, but there was no sign of Bobby. A bit in a mood I just mingled with my aunts and uncles, sneaking the odd alcoholic drink. About 9pm Bobby arrived with Bill and Tom, they looked drunk. Before I had a chance to go over and talk to him Dad whisked them off to the bottom of the garden.

I watched for ages as they chatted and laughed. Eventually after Mum’s intervention they broke up, I made a bee line for Bobby. We spoke for a while till it started to rain, everyone dashed to the house. Most of the people went in the lounge drinking, I stayed in the kitchen with Bobby, Tom and a few others. No one including Bobby were taking any notice of me. Weather it was because I had drunk too much or what, I thought I would try to tease Bobby into taking notice of me.

Sitting on a high chair, I lent back on the chair opened my legs a little. I almost fainted when Tom came up from behind me, putting his rough hand on my knee whispering in my ear, “Sara, you wanna be careful what you’re doing. Teasing a guy can lead you into all kinds of trouble.” He then walked off, saying something to Bobby as he left the kitchen.

Bobby turned to me nearly dropping his glass as he looked at me. I hadn’t realized, that from where he was standing he could see right up my dress and his glazed eyes were fixed on my yellow knickers.

My heart was pounding when he came over to me, standing right in front of me he leaned over saying “Do you like teasing me Sara?” He leaned back and looked down at my short dress.

I nodded silently my breath catching in my throat. “You know your Dad would kill me if he even caught me with you.”

I nodded. I think that was signal he was waiting for. With his back to everyone blocking their view, looking directly into my eyes he rested his hand on the top of my knee sliding it upwards when I didn’t resist, till the palm of his hand touched the front of my knickers My body shuddered when he rubbed the palm of his hand against my pussy. It was so unbelievably exciting.

Just then I saw Mum’s head in the crowd, she was pushing past people and coming into the kitchen. I pushed Bobby away closing my legs.
“Come on honey, your Dad’s wrapping the party up soon, come and say goodbye to your aunts and uncles, then its time for bed for you,” she said.

“Awww Mum, do I have to?” I moaned at her.

She pulled me off the chair and led me out to the lounge. After I said goodbye to everyone that was going, she marched me upstairs to my room. I undressed put my night shirt and shorts and got into bed. I drifted off to sleep when the music had died down. ** I woke up feeling really thirsty, it must have been the drink. Looking at my clock it was 3.30am. I went down stairs to get a drink, walking threw the lounge, although it was dark I could make out someone asleep on the sofa, snoring. Creeping past them I went to the kitchen, turned the light on and got a glass of water, I gulped it down, put the glass in the sink turned round. I bumped into Bobby he was standing in the doorway rubbing his eyes, he was just wearing just a pair of jocks.

“What are you doing here?” I said quietly. “Your Dad let me and Tom stay over.” I just couldn’t take my eyes off the front of his jocks as we spoke. It was clod in the kitchen I was shivering a bit, I new he was looking at my nipples as they poked threw the material of my night shirt.

“Look at you, you’re cold,” Bobby said put his arms around me. “Come and sit down here, its warmer.” My heart was thumping as he led me threw into the lounge. From the light in the kitchen I could see Tom asleep in the arm chair. We sat on the sofa, He put his arm around me and started kissing my neck, I just sat there and enjoyed his attention.

When his hand came up and gently caressed my breast I gasped in surprise, it was the first time in my life that a boy had touched my breast and it felt good! His hand caress my little tits, rubbing and pinching my hard nipples. Finally he dropped his hand, right to my exposed thigh.

I looked down and saw that my night shirt had ridden way up on my thighs and his hand was only a couple of inches from my tingling pussy. He let his hand rest still and I ignored it as he kissed my ear and my cheek and then he turned my head and kissed my lips. I kissed him back.
As we kissed I felt his hand moving slowly up my thigh. I made no move to stop it. In the back of my mind I knew this was all wrong, and now his hand was less than an inch from my pussy, I looked over at Tom, he was awake and was watching every move we made. But I didn’t stop him, not even when his finger slipped under my shorts.

But when his finger started rubbing over my moist slit, I thought a hand on my tit was exciting, that was noting compared to the sensations when his finger touched my virgin pussy. I groaned loudly and put my arm around his neck and I was having trouble breathing. “Bobby I don’t want to go all the way. OK?” He smiled and said, “So you are a virgin?”

I nodded, blushing deeply. I groaned when Bobby took his hand from my shorts. But he moved it back up to my night shirt and I felt him lifting my top and exposing my breasts and shivers of excitement ran through my body. And then I felt Bobby’s lips as he wrapped them around my hard little nipple and I almost screamed out loud, he had one hand on my right tit and his lips on my left nipple, and I was squeezing him passionately with my head back and my eyes closed. It felt so nice, it was better than I ever could imagine.

I wasn’t paying any attention to Tom, in fact I had forgotten all about him being in the room. So didn’t realize at first that the fingers that suddenly slid under my shorts were not Bobby’s. Tom was no longer content to watch. He had leaned over and slipped his fingers under the leg of my shorts and his finger was sliding up and down my sopping wet pussy and teasing my clit and suddenly I groaned loudly and had my first orgasm at the hands of a man I guess, even though he was as old as my Dad. I was theirs now and they knew it. I knew it too. I had suddenly lost all my inhibitions.

I let them undress me, Bobby lifting my night shirt off as Tom slid my wet shorts down. And then I had two sets of lips and two sets of hands all over my body, sucking and stroking my tits. As Tom continued to kiss and lick my tits, Bobby began to slide his finger across my pussy lips. “What a horny little girl you are,” Tom whispered.

Bobby moved so that he was sitting down between my legs and I looked down, watching to see what he was going to do, his eyes staring at my pussy in a way that made me blush. He suddenly moved in close and his tongue shot out to flick across the little nub of flesh that I usually played with to make myself cum.

“Ohhhhhh!” I moaned as hips bucked upwards. “Little Sara likes having her clitty licked, huh?” Tom said. All I could do was groan as Bobby’s tongue flicked my ‘clitty’ again. “Yes!” I whimpered, “It feels so good!”

His lips tugged gently on my clitty and his tongue flickered across it, making me gyrate my hips in pleasure. My eyes rolled back in my head. I arched my back as my hands instinctively went down to tangle my fingers in his soft hair. Suddenly I felt something warm burst inside of me and I came hard. I just lay back on the sofa, eyes closed trying to get my breath back. I didn’t notice them getting undressed. I didn’t notice that they had until Bobby was looming over me and I felt his cock throbbing against the sensitive skin around my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw him over me. “No please Bobby. I don’t wanna go this far!” “But I love you Sara,” he said kissing me.

I know now he was only saying that so I would let him have me, and like an idiot I believed him. “OK but don’t hurt me then” I said in a grasp of breath. I felt him moving around, trying blindly to find my opening and I reached down and put my hand around a cock for the first time. I felt it, hard, throbbing, but at the same time smooth and silky and it felt so hot!

I guided him to my virgin opening and he slowly lowered himself into me until his cock touched my hymen and I jumped with pain. He stopped suddenly and looked up at Tom and in a loud whisper he said, “Tom I can’t do her cherry! I can’t do it man.”

He started pulling back out of me but I wrapped my legs around him and I wrapped my arms around his back and I yelled, “NO! GO ON! DO IT!”
I felt him really entering me and it didn’t hurt at first then it did hurt, really painful, “Are you alright, Sara?” Bobby asked and kissed me gently, and then harder, pushing his tongue into my mouth and I liked it. Kissing him felt good, for just a second after we stopped kissing, Bobby pulled my face against his neck.

He lifted his hips, thrusting downward hard as he ripped through my hymen. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. Tears flooded my eyes and I felt sick almost, I clutched Bobby and sobbed, my body shaking and every movement bringing a fresh stab of pain. I tried not to move.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, baby… Shhh…it’s all over now…” Bobby was kissing my neck and stroking my body gently, not moving at all. But I could feel his cock inside me, like it was throbbing and swelling even more. My pussy burned around him and I had no control of my aching muscles, they spasmed all on their own and that was another sort of pain. My body was contracting around him, squeezing his penis, and there was nothing I could do about it.

He looked down at me and I and saw the pleasure in his face. He lay over me, supporting himself on his arms and he bent down and kissed me passionately. I heard Tom chuckle and say, “She ain’t a virgin anymore.” Bobby just lay there on top of me for a moment, before he began moving, just a little, the sharp pain was gone, but it still hurt a bit. He was moving just a little, back and forth. He started to groan, and now short stabbing thrusts became faster and more intense. His breath was coming in quick, ragged gasps and his eyes were closed as he pumped his cock in and out of me. “I’m going to cum… oh fuck!” Bobby groaned.

He lifted up a bit I felt his cock plop from my hole and rest on my stomach, I could feel it twitching as it released his warm spunk over me. Bobby lent over and gave me a passionate kiss and said, “Fuck me god damn it! That was good!”

Bobby lifted off of me and sat on the floor. I just lay there, my eyes closed when I felt a tongue on my pussy it felt so good and nice as it tickled around me pussy lips.

Opening my eyes and looking down I saw the bald top of Tom’s head. It was too nice too tell him to stop, I could feel his tongue swiping the full length of my pussy lips to my clit. His hands reached up and played with my nipples. It wasn’t long before my legs started to twitch and gasping “Oh Yes! Oh Yes!” I had the most intensive orgasm in my life.

Tom seemed to know to do everything perfectly, it all felt so wonderful. He finally got up and sat beside me while I caught my breath. I looked into his lap and could see his cock it was hard and thick, pointing up towards, its tip was rounded and dark pink.

Tom looked at me then looking at his cock and took my hand and wrapped my fingers around it. It wasn’t as long as Bobby’s but it was fatter. I couldn’t take my eyes off the massive erection in front of me, squeezing it and rubbing it. Tom whispered, “You’re so lovely, Sara. I’ve wanted you for ages. Do you want me to fuck you?”

I didn’t say anything, but he must have taken my silence as a yes. I was not able to move or stop him from doing anything. The feeling was scary and exciting at the same time. He climbed between my open legs. Then, I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy lips. It felt so huge, even just touching me without slipping inside.

I gasped, but I couldn’t move very much, as I was pinned under him. Tom pressed his hips forward a little and I felt my pussy lips parted by the head of his cock. Electricity zipped through my belly at the sensation of being penetrated. I moaned, half afraid, as he moved again, pushing the tip of his enormous, thick cock past my outer lips.

I was shaking so badly I could hardly breathe. Tom put his arms around me and gently kissed my cheek. “Don’t be scared, Sara,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you.” He pulled me closer and I snuggled into his strong arms, I felt as though I was going to split in half, it hurt like hell and I wanted to stop.

It had felt worse than when Bobby did it to me. Tom pushed forward again and there was a popping sensation that I couldn’t help a small squeal as his cock head slipped past my outer lips and into my wet, over heated cunt.

Then he pushed again, I felt the thick rounded head push into me, the shaft seemed to get thicker and thicker as he pushed deeper into me stretching my hole even further. I gasped as I felt his pubic bone press against mine, he was all the way inside me.

Tom stopped for a moment and whispered soothing words to me, as my little fourteen year-old pussy throbbed and burned, impaled on his thick shaft. I looked down the length of my body and could see his cock lost inside my swollen pussy. I began to forget the hurting and take more interest in the pleasurable side of it. Tom smiled and looked into my eyes. “I want you so badly” he began to move, pushing that enormous, throbbing cock in and out of my pussy really slowly I could feel the delicious sensations that I’d had when he licked my clitty building inside of me again and I knew that very soon I was going to cum again. It felt even more wonderful than I had ever imagined.

It felt so good I kept making little gasping noises as he fucked me, his hands massaging my breasts and pulling at my nipples. He was much more gentle than Bobby was and I loved every second of it. “Oh! oh! Tom! uh uh!” I couldn’t make my mind form words properly or get them past my lips. Tom chuckled and began to slide that big, gorgeous cock in and out of me, moving his hips in a tantalizing motion that made me gasp with every inward thrust, straining towards the explosion I could feel building in the pit of my belly.

I pulled him closer bury my face into his neck to muffle my screams “Ohhhh fuck me, do me… hard!” Biting on his neck as I came.
‘This is incredible!’ I thought as my mind whirled with emotions and thoughts. ‘I am being fucked by an adult as old as my Dad!’ The wickedness of that thought caused my belly to contract and my cunt to pulsate pleasure once again. I moaned loudly.

Tom had his face hovering over me as he started fucking me violently now, he was lasting much longer than Bobby did. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass hole with every thrust of his powerful hips and I reached down to catch his ass in my hands, pulling him hard against me as we fucked wildly.

Tom collapsed on top of me, pinning me with his weight as he plunged his rigid cock harder and deeper into my sopping wet pussy. He grunted next to my ear with every powerful thrust, whispering to me in a chilling hiss of warm breath. I began to hump my hips, pushing against my Tom’s pubic bone with every slamming thrust of his cock into me. I closed my eyes, arching my back and my mouth opened wide as I drew loud, harsh breaths of air, my body jerked spasmodically as my pussy twitched. “Oohhhh, yeeahh! I’m coming…” he groaned.

Tom arched his back, his head fell back on his shoulders and he rammed his cock as deep into me as it could go.

“Oh YESS!!” the sound was a strangled cry of ecstasy. I felt his cock twitching inside me as he stopped thrusting and just held it there, deep inside my still shuddering pussy. He was panting in my ear and whispering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh god Sara that was so good!”

Tom kissed me a lot and I kissed him and when we stopped I could see his eyes looking over my shoulder. I was confused for a second, wondering what he was looking at, and then I looked, turning my head slowly, and I could see Bobby there wanking his cock sending a spray of spunk on the carpet. Tom kept his cock buried in my pussy until it was soft and it slipped out of me, I felt a gush of liquid dribble down to the crack of my ass.

Tom bent down and asked quietly, “Are you alright?”
I answered, “I’m tired and sore.”

Tom took me into his arms for a gentle hug. His lips brushed against mine and he kissed me, softly at first, then harder, parting my lips and driving his tongue into my mouth. I groaned, excited by the sensations his kisses aroused in me yet again. After a little bit, he pulled back and looked into my eyes, smiling and stroking my cheek with one finger. “You’d better go get some sleep,” he said. “Me and Bobby will clean up down here.”

He smiled and patted my ass as I quickly slipped past him, gathering my shorts and night shirt pulling them on and made my way back to my room. I had just fulfilled my fantasy. Luckily I didn’t get pregnant. It was the first of many times I had sex, not with Bobby but with a real man. Tom.