A Dragon’s Mount

The man stared at me as though he’d never seen a dragon before. Then I remembered that he almost certainly hadn’t. I was, after all, the last one.

“If you’d like to come this way, sir?” I followed as he led me through several sterile, interchangeable corridors, my talons clicking on the tiled floor.

As we walked the man kept glancing over his shoulder as though to check I was still there, and grinning when he found I was. It must be strange for the humans: a few years ago they’d thought us extinct for so long that they’d forgotten we were even real. Finding me must have been quite a surprise.

I was the last dragon. You couldn’t revive a species from one male. But just in case, and for the sake of conservationists’ consciences, I’d agreed to donate what they politely termed a “sample of genetic material”.

“In here, sir.” I folded my wings tightly to squeeze through a door. In the centre of the room I was being ushered into was…

“What on Earth is that supposed to be?”

It was a female dragon. Or at least, it looked a little like a human’s idea of a female dragon if I squinted at it from a distance. Up close it looked more like a vaulting horse over which had been thrown a pink scale-patterned sheet, with some wings and a tail and a papier-mâché head stapled on.

“Ah!” said the man, clapping his hands in enthusiasm. “Meet Debra.”


“Isn’t she beautiful? I made her myself! Here sir, I’ll give you a demonstration!” He ran over to the thing and I followed, bewildered.

“You’ll be at the back here, sir, and I’ll be underneath.” He pulled up one side of the sheet and slipped inside, out of sight. “There’s a slit right here sir, where the business happens.” A hand emerged through a gap in the sheet at Debra’s rear and waved; a strangely unsettling sight.

“Wait, wait,” I said, “so you’re actually expecting me to…”

“And I’ll be holding this,” he interjected, emerging from Debra’s belly. Apparently there was no interrupting him mid-demonstration. In his hands was a long, soft, flexible tube with a plastic bag on the end. The inside gleamed with lubricant. “You see, sir, I just put this…”

“I think I can guess where that goes,” I snapped.

“…right. And when you’ve, um, finished, sir, then I can run over here and drop your sample into our state-of-the-art flash freezer for safekeeping.”

I stared at the man, at the machine, and at Debra, wondering if all humans were insane. “Now look here, I thought you were just going to give me a little pot and a private room? This is…”

“Ooh, and you haven’t even seen the best bit yet! Hang on a moment!” He fished around inside with an arm and must have pressed a hidden button, because red LEDs lit up in Debra’s eyes, and a little flash of flame flared out of her mouth. “RrrAWRrrgh!” she said in a tinny voice.

I stared, lost for words.

“Well, what do you think, sir? Sexy or what?”

“I… but… you… I mean to say, young man, what on Earth were you thinking of? There is simply no way I’m using this… thing. Please just give me one of those bags and show me to a private room right now or I’m walking out of here!”

He looked crestfallen. His shoulders slumped sadly. “But… but I spent ages building Debra, making her perfect. I… I thought you’d like her. You… don’t want to use her?” He looked like he might be about to cry.

I sighed. Sometimes it’s hard being a nice dragon. The things you have to do to make people happy.

“On the other hand, perhaps I’ll give Debra a chance. After all she’s very, ah, fetching,” I said through gritted teeth.

Yes! I just knew you’d love her!” He punched the air. “Come on, sir, let’s show Debra a good time.”

As he dived back into her belly I moved cautiously round to her rear, sniffing the air. I didn’t know how he’d managed it, but Debra actually smelled like a female dragon in heat.

“All ready!” he shouted from underneath. I mounted, feeling ridiculous.

Then came the difficult part. Somehow, straddling a fake dragon containing an overenthusiastic tube-wielding human, I had to perform. I tried to think back to some of the more alluring dragons I’d made love to in centuries gone by, but the only dragon I could keep in my thoughts was Debra. I tried closing my eyes but it didn’t help. Finally I tried forcing my cock to stand up by a pure act of will, but of course that didn’t work either.

“Is everything OK out there, sir?”

“Yes, yes, just… just give me a little time here.”

“Of course sir, whenever you’re ready. I’ve got the tube all set to pop on whenever you poke it through, sir.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Would this help the mood, sir?” Debra’s eyes flashed red and she breathed fire. “RrrAWRrrgh!” she roared needily.

“No. Please never do that again.”

“As you wish sir.”

“Look, I don’t think this is going to work.” I slid off Debra’s rear. “I’m having trouble getting into the spirit of things, shall we say.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that, sir. Is there anything I could do to help?”

“Possibly. I might find it easier if Debra were more… well, masculine.”

“Ah! Say no more, sir. My sincere apologies, but it never crossed my mind that you might be a dragon of that persuasion.”

“Perhaps you should have forwarded me a questionnaire in advance,” I suggested sarcastically.

“A questionnaire? Of course! I’m sorry sir, I didn’t think!” he replied without a hint of sarcasm.

I sat and watched as Debra became a male. First she got a new coat of paint, changing from pink to blue (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’d never once set eyes on a blue dragon, nor for that matter a pink one). Then, more importantly, he wiped her clean of the distracting feminine scent and applied a new one. I caught a whiff of it as he sprayed it on: very dragony, very masculine and very enticing.

“Debra’s all ready sir if you want to try him again?”

“No change of name?” I enquired as I approached it resignedly.

“No need sir. Perfectly good man’s name too. In fact, I had an uncle named Debra.” He crawled back under the sheet.

“I’m quite certain I didn’t want to know that.” I positioned my forelegs back on the blue beast, closed my eyes, and breathed in. And let the scent take me back to another time…

His name was Shadowclaw, and he was a lithe and lively drake. We danced together through the sky, lighting up the night with tongues of flame, diving playfully at each other’s tails; flirting. Until finally I lunged straight for him, grabbed him, didn’t let go, so that we tumbled all the way down until we smashed into the side of a mountain in an explosion of ice and snow. We fought tooth and claw and flame, writhing and wrestling for dominance until finally I pinned him to the ground and he yielded, submitting to my right to be on top… this time.

He was a beautiful dragon, midnight grey, and once he’d conceded the fight I found that he knew how to be tender. He knew how to touch me and how to be touched. And when he lay himself down on the earth, his hind legs spread to receive me, his head bending round to gaze at me with that devilish smile, I knew there was no way I could possibly resist him…

Opening my eyes, I saw Debra but my mind saw Shadowclaw. And I was ready. More than ready. I pushed my cock through the slit.

“Very good, sir! Oh, very good indeed! Quite magnificent! Just one moment…” I felt the tube slide slickly over me, felt hands gripping the tube. “All ready down here. Fire away, sir!”

It didn’t feel like Shadowclaw. It didn’t feel like the inside of any dragon. The illusion was shattered. I closed my eyes and tried a few half-hearted thrusts but the fire was slipping away.

“Something wrong, sir?” the man inquired as I pulled out.

“It doesn’t feel right. I suppose it might do for a female Debra, but for a male the tube needs to be a little tighter. It needs to have some real resistance to push against.”

“Of course, sir. I’ll see what I can do.” There followed a few minutes of tinkering noises from beneath while I thought hard about gorgeous old Shadowclaw to keep my hormones running.

“All ready, sir!”

This time I had him hold the tube up to the hole so that I could push straight into it. It felt better, tighter than before, but it still felt like a tube. Nothing could convince my imagination that it was Shadowclaw.

“No no no, this won’t do at all! Come on out of there, and I’ll show you the problem.”

The man sprang out obediently, tube in hand.

“Now then young man, push your fingers into that tube and tell me what it feels like.”

He slid three fingers inside and pushed them in and out experimentally. “Feels very nice, sir. Just like I imagine the inside of a dragon does.”

“Like you imagine, yes, but not very much like the reality. Have a compare. Stick your fingers in here this time.” I turned around and raised my tail.

“In there sir? Are you sure?”

“Yes yes, stick them in, don’t be shy.”

He stepped close cautiously and I felt a single lubricated finger slip through my sphincter and probe around.

“Now with three fingers, same as you used for your tube.”

A second and third digit pushed inside, stretching me wider.

“That’s more like it. Now tell me how it feels.”

“It feels quite different to the tube. It’s tighter and more, um, dragony, sir.”

“Very good, very good! Now I want you to make your tube feel more like that.”

“I’ll try my best, sir. Should I remove my fingers now?”

“Only if you want to, young man. I’m actually quite enjoying it.”

When the man disappeared back under Debra, he had with him an armful of different tubes, a box of tools and a big pot of lubricant. I listened to him whistle as he worked. Occasionally he’d fall silent, and there’d be a little wet noise like three fingers being experimentally inserted into the end of a tube, then he’d curse and go back to working. Until finally, after one of those little wet noises, he gasped.

“If you’d like to take your place sir, I think I may have found something close.”

I mounted Debra again, closed my eyes and let Shadowclaw fill my mind. As soon as I was at peak arousal I poked my eager cock through the slit and found the opening. This time it offered resistance and I had to push quite hard to force the head inside – I heard the man grunt from the effort of holding the thing in place – and then it slid in easily.

“How’s that for you, sir?”

“It’s… young man, this is excellent work! Maybe a little tighter than I’m used to…”

“My apologies, sir.”

“No no, don’t apologise. I love it!”

It felt right. I could close my eyes and imagine that I’d just penetrated Shadowclaw all over again…

He groaned as I pushed inside him. The warmth, the tightness of him was exquisite. I’d meant to pause in this position, to savour the moment, but I couldn’t hold myself back from fucking him immediately. He was too beautiful lying there, and he felt too good. He moaned in pleasure as I fucked him and fucked him, gazing back at me with startling scarlet eyes. I bent my neck down to lick his scales as I worked him…

I found myself licking Debra and stopped; he didn’t taste good. But he felt glorious as I fucked him, even though he rocked and squeaked on his mounting. And the man inside was even making convincing little moaning noises in rhythm with my thrusts; I made a mental note to thank him for improvising after I’d finished. My mind drifted back to sweet Shadowclaw…

I fucked him and fucked him and never wanted to stop fucking him. I was in love with his body. But nothing lasts forever, nor should it. I felt each thrust of my hips more exquisite than the last, felt something within me rise up ready to explode… nearer and nearer… Shadowclaw urging me on, wanting my seed inside him…

My seed exploded into Debra’s heart. I roared, shooting a blast of flame and noise at the ceiling, feeling it flood out of me until the last spasming drop had been pumped out. Tired, I slumped down on to Debra’s back, who in response flashed his eyes red, let out a lusty jet of flame and a satisfied-sounding “RrrAWRrrgh!”

“Very good sir, very good indeed,” said a weak voice from underneath.

“Did you get enough?” I replied wearily.

“Um… I think, sir, we might have to do it again…”


“Yes sir,” he said, emerging with his pants around his ankles and rising on unsteady legs. “But this time, perhaps we should give the tube another try?”